Teams in the Workplace

Teams are critical to the workplace. In order to contribute to a team, one must understand the purpose and function of teams. Working together towards a common goal is an essential characteristic of a team. By understanding the characteristics of a team, one can determine the necessary steps for building and maintaining a team.

Reference Book:  17 Indisputable Laws of Team Work.- by John C. Maxwell
Reference Book:  The FIVE Dysfunctions of a Team – by Patrick Lencioni

Write a 1-page response entry giving your definition of what a team is and why teams are important to you. This entry can come from work, church, or home perspective. The goal is to allow you time to reflect on what a team is and how teams play an active role in our lives.
Scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided. APA format is required. For more information on Teams in the Workplace read this:

Teams in the Workplace

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