Pulling Weight At Work

Let Me Know If Additional Information Is NeededApril 22, 2021Disaster Planning For Public HealthApril 22, 2021Refer to the following Week 3 – Required Learning Activities:Human Communication, Ch. 8 Managerial Communication, Ch. 4 Managerial Communication, Ch. 13 Managerial Communication, Ch. 14 Part AThink about a popular TV show you watch that focuses on small-group dynamics. This could be a popular TV drama, focused on the workplace, for example.Write, individually, a one-page reaction to the small-group dynamics demonstrated in the show. From a communication perspective, what went wrong? How could the members have handled the situation differently? Post your reaction for your team. Review and comment on the reactions of each team member. Identify common observations.Analyze, as a team, the small-group dynamics demonstrated in the videos by considering the following:The scope and functions of the small group within the organization, such as idea generation, event planning, process or creation, evaluation, and quality control The effectiveness of each member’s communication styles. What are the opportunities for improvement? Part BCreate a group training presentation based on the communication deficiencies displayed in the TV show you have selected. Your training plan may be in the format of your choice.You may choose a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint®  presentation with speaker notes or an equivalent multimedia program or technology application, such as video, audio, or web conferencing software. Include the following in your group training presentation:The communication skills the group must implement to become more effective The roles each member must adopt to become more effective The leadership skills the manager must demonstrate to become more effective Appropriate managerial actions to mitigate communication obstacles Conflict management strategies to encourage positive outcomes Include a reference slidEThe post Pulling Weight At Work appeared first on My Perfect Tutors.  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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