1. Locke argued all humans should be treated equally because we all have the same basic nature . Tru

Homework for ethics 1- Do you agree with the California court that ” privilege should end where the.April 23, 2021please include process Show transcribed image text Use the MACRS GDS method to calculate the yearly 1 answer below »April 23, 20211. Locke argued all humans should be treated equally because we all have the same basic nature. TrueB. False2. The idea that the basic moral law can be known by human reason and that we know what it requires by looking to human nature are two of the tenets of natural law theory.A. TrueB. False3. “Laws of nature” is another way of referring to natural law theory.A. TrueB. False4. Moral laws are descriptive generalizations of fact.A. TrueB. False5. Civil law is prescriptive and as such tells us how we ought to behave.A. TrueB. False6. Evolutionary theory may present a challenge to natural law theory.A. TrueB. False7. One problem for natural rights theory is that not everyone agrees on what human nature requires.A. TrueB. False8. The natural state of human liberty is a state of license according to Locke.A. TrueB. False9. Existentialists like Sartre believe that essence precedes existence.A. TrueB. False10. For Sartre there are no values or commands that legitimize our conduct.A. TrueB. False “Looking for a Similar Assignment? Get Expert Help at an Amazing Discount!”  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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