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WEEK 1 – Essay WritersApril 26, 2021 this assignment is due today in 6 hours…. must have done in 6 hours….. please read…… Use the attachment (marketing plan)  to do the following: for this assignment you will write your “Executive Summary”. *For 100 points, write a 2 page summary with a clear, concise overview of the following points:Company DescriptionBriefly describe the organization and offerings (products and/or services) your marketing plan focuses on, and the problem(s) they solve.Target SegmentIdentify and briefly describe your target segment.Competitive AdvantageExplain your organization’s competitive advantage.Positioning StatementProvide the positioning statement your marketing plan will apply.Marketing Plan ObjectivesList the objectives of your marketing plan: What will it accomplish? Be as specific as possible: anticipated increase in sales, profits, market share, etc.Criteria for Submission: 2 Pages Double Spaced 12 pt. font Submit as a file upload in a word doc.    “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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