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Create Case Studies – My Perfect TutorsApril 26, 2021Initiating The Project 4 19808193April 26, 2021# Use package dplyr to explore WestRoxbury real estate dataset d = read.csv(“WestRoxbury.csv”)View(d)# Questions# 1) Filter the data to show only houses whose total value# is greater than 350 (thousand), less than 20 years of age, # and tax is less than 5000. HINT: use Mutate to calculate# age of the house as of 2020.# 2) Sort the dataset by (age, total value), then show# only age, total value, lot sqft, and rooms. Assign entire# output to a variable named sortedD. Now using standard base R, show only# first 10 rows of sortedD.# 3) A potential buyer is looking for a house which will have at least 8 rooms,# in exactly one floor, have a fireplace, and built in between 1970 and 1990.# Arrange these houses sorted by total value. # Finally, assign the result to a new variable named custList.# View custList.# 4) Summarize the dataset by first grouping on age, then calculate # count of each group, mean, min, and max of total value. Then,# order the resulting output (in descending order) by count. Finally, assign the result # to a new variable named groupedD.# View groupedD.    “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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