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Week5 Bench 1 Virg – Essay WritersApril 26, 2021Discussion: Pharmacotherapy For Endocrine And Musculoskeletal DisordersApril 26, 2021 During the term, students will research and analyze an organization. Library, internet, and primary organizational sources should be utilized. No information from a case, or case analysis written in any form, may be used for the analysis.You may choose any firm or organization you like, including not-for-profit organizations. Suggestion: analyze an organization for which you are working or would like to work, a family firm, or a firm whose product you enjoy. Any firm in the world is eligible for this assignment but a limiting factor is whether you can get the financial information.The report is expected to be detailed and comprehensive. Individual contributions should not exceed 12 pages (double space) from front to back. At the minimum, your written project report will include the following:Part A. CURRENT SITUATION Introduction and company overview        Strategic Posture  Strategic history of the organization Organizational mission statement and strategic vision Business level strategy External Analysis: Industry and Environment Strategic history of the industry Five-Forces analysis of the industry Segment Analysis OR Competitive Dynamics Analysis Internal Analysis Functional analysis – Explains the business model that includes all the functions. You will address questions such as: What did the team do in in each functional level in each round? How the general strategy was implemented? That is, how did the strategic choices being made in each round relate to the general strategy? What were the observed outcomes? Financial analysis – A financial analysis of the firm in comparison to the industry. Organizational structure and culture VRIN Analysis Core and distinctive competencies Summary: SWOT (listing and explanation)Part B. STRATEGIC DIRECTION Key Strategic Issues (KSI) Strategic alternatives each KSI Recommended strategy each KSI and justificationAdditional instructions All sources of information must be cited. Formatting American Psychological Association (APA) academic formatting style for all assignments. Max 12 pages double spaced (font 12 pt.) No information in the analysis may come from a case or case analysis written in any form. Unity in the paper. The paper should show unity; that is the content should build together to the conclusions. Content, analysis, and writing should be consistent throughout the paper. Major points will be lost if this is not done.  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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