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This pack of MKTG 310 Week 3 dq2 encompasses: Develop an advertisement for a commonplace household iApril 26, 2021NURS 81 WK 7 ASSIGN PICO REVIEWApril 26, 2021 A project plan is a document created at the beginning of the project lifecycle that gives stakeholders and everyone else involved a clear idea of what the project will entail in terms of effort, time, cost, and anticipated results. The methodology or approach the project manager plans to use to manage the project must be identified before the project plan can be created. Choosing a methodology is important because a methodology provides the framework—that is, an overall process and suggested documents and deliverables—that will guide project development from beginning to end. Some project methodologies are more appropriate for some types of projects than for others. Read attached – Manage Your Health Inc Case StudyComplete the assignment below.Consider the differences between Agile and waterfall.Select 1 methodology to use for a project plan for this initiative.Create a simplified project plan such as the examples listed in the “Tips” section below. Include, at least, the following criteria: Name of task Duration Predecessors NotesAfter completing your simplified project plan, write a 175-word paragraph and complete the following: Define which methodology, Agile or waterfall, is most appropriate for this project. Why? Cite at least 2 sources to support your rationale. Describe the following roles for this project: project manager, project sponsor, business analyst, and scrum master or program manager.You may create your simplified project plan using Microsoft®?Excel®?or another software application of your choice.  Tips: Research?additional project plan examples online. Consider the application characteristics and requirements when building your project plan. For example, the app will require a search feature so employees can search for available programs, will require security to protect personal information, etc., which will help with the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Note: This information will be helpful in the Wk 2 – Apply: Work Breakdown Structure assignment. Read?the 2 linked examples of project plans implemented as Microsoft®?Excel®?spreadsheets:?Example Plan A?and?Example Plan B. Use these as guides in creating your own draft project plan. Notice the differences between these 2 examples in terms of length (overall and task length), structure of the work breakdown (iterative vs. non-iterative), and methodology.   “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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