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This assignment is associated with the dance videos.  Your responses are to attach to the videos.
1.  Watch the dance video interviews of Charles Santos with TITAS, and of Ann Williams with the Dallas Black Dance Theatre.
2.  Watch the Shadowland performance by Pilobolus.
2.  Prepare an essay in two parts. In one part, within 300 words compare the dance perspectives of Santos and Williams.  Include their response to the last question presented by the interviewer. In part two, discuss the performance “Shadowland.” What are the strengths of this performance? What story is the troupe telling?
MLA format
Dance styles vary, therefore the performance styles of dance troupe will typically reflect the perspectives of the leaders of those troupes or organizations.  Through this assignment, you will hear from two prominent leaders of dance focused organizations in Dallas, Texas.  Through this assignment you can demonstrate your awareness of community offerings in dance, and your understanding of the artistic influence of dance between cultures.  (Module goals 4 and 7)

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