Disaster Recovery Plan Covid19

Disaster Recovery Plan Covid19

The covid-19 pandemic has caused serious consequences in all spheres of life. It is one of the world’s most devastating disasters ever recorded. Covid-19 has led to the collapse of the business, declined economic performance of countries, loss of lives, strain on healthcare, and negative effect on the health of many people. Take Covid-19 as any other disaster and devise a recovery plan. The disaster recovery plan should address key issues as per the following competencies:

Competency 1: Analyze health risks and health care needs among distinct populations.
Describe the determinants of health and the cultural, social, and economic barriers that impact safety, health,
and disaster recovery efforts in a community.
Competency 2: Propose health promotion strategies to improve the health of populations.
Present specific, evidence-based strategies to overcome communication barriers and enhance
interprofessional collaboration to improve disaster recovery efforts.
Competency 3: Evaluate health policies, based on their ability to achieve desired outcomes.
Explain how health and governmental policy affect disaster recovery efforts

Competency 4: Integrate principles of social justice in community health interventions.
Explain how a proposed disaster recovery plan will lessen health disparities and improve access to community
Competency 5: Apply professional, scholarly communication strategies to lead health promotion and improve
population health.
Organize content with clear purpose/goals and with relevant and evidence-based sources (published within 5
Slides are easy to read and error-free. Detailed audio and speaker notes are provided. Audio is clear,
organized, and professionally presented.
Note: Complete the assessments in this course in the order in which they are presented.


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