Week 8 (BUSI 710)

Mini-Proposal Assignment Instructions

Final Application & Completion


Final Application & Completion


Using the feedback that has been given throughout the term, please write a mini proposal. The mini proposal is similar to a concent paper that one would do for a dissertation/project proposal. The paper should include the following elements in order: general and specific problem statements, a research question (choose either quantitative or qualitative), a selected design, and an appropriate method. 


The total submission must be at least 500 words to accurately reflect the problem and the proposed research question. Remember, there must be context, so these items should not be listed merely in bullet form. This assignment requires a title page and a reference page, though an abstract is not required. There should be a minimum of four sources, but will likely contain more, and should be written in proper APA format. The total length of the assignment will vary, but the average is between three and five pages.




Revisions are an important component to any research study. You will revise previous submissions and produce a mini proposal that encompasses all they have learned in the course. This final application will allow students the opportunity to have a template for future classes and research work.


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module/week, you will be able to: 

Revise a general and specific problem statement. (CLO3 -> PLO 3)

Revise a research question. (CLO1 Introduce -> PLO1 Introduce)

Select an appropriate method of research. (CLO2 Introduce – PLO2 Introduce)

Select an appropriate research design. (CLO2 Introduce – PLO2 Introduce)

Combine elements of a research plan into one mini-proposal. (CLO3 Introduce – PLO3 Introduce)


Reading & Study

There are no readings for this final week.



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