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Required TextsSullivan, E.J. (2012). Effective leadership and management in nursing. (8th Ed.). Upper Saddle      River, NJ: Prentice-Hall. ISBN-10: 0132814544 | ISBN-13: 978-0132814546 THIS IS A NURSING MANGEMENT INTERVIEW……BE REALISTIC BUT CREATIVE.  I WILL REVIEW IT THAN LET YOU KNOW IF IT SUFFICIENT.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE THE POWER POINTS TO REVIEW I CAN SEND THEM TO YOU.  MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING THE REQUIRED TEXT, PLEASE     INSTRUCTIONS FOR INTERVIEW Assignment Instructions Use the attached questions to interview a nurse leader in a healthcare organization and submit a narrative analysis. This person must be a nurse over several nursing and/or clinical departments. All interviews must be in person. Support and define the healthcare leader’s answers with cited work. This narrative paper requires you to use at least 2 or more professional nursing journals in addition to your textbook. Cite things such as management and leadership terms and styles and support and define what makes this person a leader. Think about how the top level nursing position of a healthcare organization might affect you as a mid-level nurse leader. What things have you learned from this interview which affects your opinion of the interactions which occur or need to occur in a healthcare organization between the top nurse position and mid-level and staff level nurses?Remember to maintain strict confidentiality regarding any information you obtain through this interview. I recommend you let the healthcare professional you interview know everything discussed is kept confidential.Please post your compiled narrative here. Do not submit a question and answer format for this assignment.A grading rubric is also attached. The rubric will be used to grade all interviews for this course and can help you know what is expected on the written interview in order to get the maximum number of points on this assignment. Your finished paper should be 5-6 pages.  Supporting Materials·       Interview Grading Rubric·       Interview Assignment Instructions·       S487 Interview Assignment Questions  Interview AssignmentS487 STUDENT’S NAME: ___________________________________________________ INTERVIEW DATE: ___________________________________________________ INTERVIEWED LEADER’S INITIALS: _____________________________________ INTERVIEWED LEADER’S TITLE: _____________________________________ DEGREES & CERTIFICATIONS: _______________________________________  Questions for Healthcare Leaders: Use the questions below to prepare your narrative paper and ask for a response to each question. Compare and contrast your responses with the healthcare leader’s responses. Use citations, for example: (Sharer, 2009), when using the work of others including assigned textbook readings and PowerPoint presentations. Post your interview narrative under Interview in the Assignments Tab on Canvas. Please ask any questions under ‘Forums – Course-related Questions and Discussions.’ (1)           What do you believe is the single most important trait for leaders to possess in a healthcare setting? (2)           What is your leadership style? Why did you select this style? (3)           How important is communication to a leader? What communication tools do you use? (4)           How do you motivate your group or team? (5)           What makes Healthcare unique from other businesses? How does the physician factor affect a hospital’s operations? (6)           What do you feel is the most challenging problem facing healthcare leaders today? (7)           What is nursing’s role in the budget process in your organization? How could it be better? (8)           What barriers do you see to the provision of quality patient care? (9)           What types of healthcare entities could work better with organization’s like yours in order to promote continuity of patient/client care? (10)        How does your organization collaborate with other healthcare providers to improve quality and continuity of care? (11)        How do cultural and generational differences affect the health care environment? (In your analysis compare and contrast the values of different generations). (12)        What changes and challenges will nurses face in the future? (13)        What are the advantages and disadvantages of achieving Magnet Status? How can excellence in nursing care be achieved? Why it is important? (14)        How does an organization’s environment affect success? (15)        If you had it to do over again, would you choose the same profession? Why or why not? Questions to be answered by YOU after the interview:(16)        Analysis of this leader’s leadership Style (Use citations from current literature to support leadership characteristics or theories): In your analysis include the answers to the following questions:1.     What made this leader you interviewed unique and impressionable?2.     What were some key attributes that you liked about this leader? (17)        New insights to your leadership Style (Use citations from current literature to support leadership characteristics or theories): BIBLIOGRAPHY (You should have at least one non-text reference; use APA format):   INTERVIEW GRADING RUBRICS487Possible total points = 25
Citations Included to Define Terms used by Interviewed LeaderNo appropriate citation of management and leadership terms, styles, and theories.(0 pt)Management and leadership terms, styles, and theories defined but citations are not APA. (2 pt)All management and leadership terms, styles, and theories include citations and are APA. (4 pts)4
Meets APA Manual of Style 6th  Edition formatting. References (should be less than 5 years old).Does not include full references for cited work. Uses textbook as only source of information.  More than three APA formatting errors. (0 pt)No APA formatting errors. Two or more references.(2 pt)APA Manual of Style 6th  Edition formatting. More than three references included and APA (4 pts)4
Narrative summary and analysis answers Interview QuestionsDoesn’t answer all questions or does not include any definitions of terms.(0 pt)Answers all questions but does not define at least two terms and/or leadership styles and/or theories.(2 pts)Clearly answers all questions on interview form and defines all (at least 2) management and leadership terms, styles, and/or theories.  (4pts)4
Describes Interviewed Leader’s Leadership StyleThere is no analysis of the interviewee’s leadership style.(0 pt)Student provides a discussion of the interviewee’s leadership style but the analysis is not clear or does not flow. (2 pts)Student provides clear and well thought out discussion of the interviewer’s leadership style.(5 pts)5
Student’s  Describes Insight into Own Personal Leadership StyleStudent mentioned no insight into their personal leadership style. (0 pt)Student provides a discussion of their insight into their personal leadership style but the discussion is unclear, does not flow, or is very limited. (2 pts)Student provides clear and well thought out discussion of their personal leadership style including new insights gained from this interview.(5 pts)5
Spelling & GrammarMore than two minor spelling or grammar error(0 pt)No more than one minor spelling or grammar error (1 pt)No grammar or spelling errors (3 pts)3
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