Question: Pregunta 13 1 Pts The Belongs To The Appendicular Skeleton Thoracic Vertebra Frontal Bone Mandible Clavicle Stapes Pregunta 14 1 Pts Which Part Of The Scapula Articulates With The Clavicle? Conoid Tubercle Coracoid Process Acromion Glenoid Cavity Pregunta 15 1 Pts Digits In The Foot Are Numbered To Distal To Proximal Teral To Medias Proximal To Data …

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Pregunta 13 1 pts The belongs to the appendicular skeleton thoracic vertebra frontal bone mandible clavicle stapes Pregunta 14 1 pts Which part of the scapula articulates with the clavicle? Conoid tubercle Coracoid process Acromion Glenoid cavity Pregunta 15 1 pts Digits in the foot are numbered to distal to proximal teral to medias proximal to data mediato lateral Pregunta 16 13 1 pts O 2001

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