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 You will be expected to complete a tax return manually (not by the aid of a computer). For this assignment, you will complete an individual Federal income tax return (Form 1040) for a client.  See attached the taxpayer information and additional instructions to complete the return.  Please CAREFULLY read the attached instructions. PLEASE USE THE ATTACHED “TAX DOCUMENTS EXAMPLE TAX RETURNS FOR STARKS COMPANY” TO HELP GUIDE YOU WITH COMPLETING THIS ASSIGNMENT. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO TAX RETURNS OR NO FAMILIAR DO NOT ACCEPT THE BID.THE ASSIGNMENT WILL BE ATTACHD UNDER THE SOLOS TAX RETURN AND A PDF OF CHILD TAX CREDIT.PLEASE REVIEW EACH OF THE TONY & PEPPER AND STARKS EXAMPLE TAX RETURN GUIDE. THIS WILL HELP YOU COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT. PLEASE DO NOT USE TURBO TAX IT IS NOT ALLOWED PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
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