Jesus: a Pilgrimage

Write a book review of Fr. James Martin’s book, Jesus: a Pilgrimage. It is important to give a concise overall review of the book as well as concentrate closely on several topics in it; you do not have to cover every chapter; you may choose to concentrate on several chapters or themes. You must include footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography page.  Any information from the Martin book, whether quoted directly or in your own words, must be cited (there must be a no. of citations). I also expect the review to reflect your personal opinions about the book. You are allowed to refer to other book reviews, articles, or books as long as you cite them.

Any evidence of plagiarism will be dealt with by the Dean’s Office. The term paper will count as 25% of your total grade. For more information on Jesus: a Pilgrimage read this:

Jesus: a Pilgrimage

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