Question: Match The Correct Description For Each Test: (each Answer Will Only Be Used Once) This Tests If The Organism Removes A Carboxyl Group (COOH) From The Amino Acid Lysine. This Media Is Used To Determine If You Have A Pure Culture As Well As To Determine The Colony Morphology This Media Is Both Selective And Differential. It Is Used To Test Whether An …

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Match the correct description for each test: (each answer will only be used once) This tests if the organism removes a carboxyl group (COOH) from the amino acid lysine. This media is used to determine if you have a pure culture as well as to determine the colony morphology This media is both selective and differential. It is used to test whether an organism is a strong or weak lactose fermenter, This tests if an organism uses citric acid as a source of carbon and energy This media is used to test if the organism is motile, is able to reduce sulfur, and if the organism is able to convert the amino acid tryptophan to indole. This test uses the SIM media to determine if the organism is able to convert the amino acid tryptophan to indole This test identifies the presence of 2,3-butanediol and acetoin. These are formed if the organism carries its fermentation beyond the mixed-acid phase. This media is used to test if your organismis motle. The media contains a dye that turns red where the bacteria are metabolizing. This media contains bile salts and crystal violet to prevent the growth of Grom positive organisms. It is used to test whether or not an organism can ferment lactose. This test detects mixed acid fermentation, which results in a very acidic culture. A positive test Is red, while a negative test is yellow. This test is to determine if the factose in the tube fermented to acidic end products, the media will turn from red to yellow when the pH drops below 6.8. This tests if the organism is able to ferment the glucose in the tube. ✓ Choose SIM Tube Lysine Decarboxylase Test Methyl Red Test Nutrient Agar Phenol Red Glucose Test Simmons Citrate Agar MTM Tube MacConkey Agar Phenol Red Lactose Test Indole Test Eosin Methylene Blue Agar Vogues Proskauer Test Choose… e Choose… . Choose… . Choose Choose Choose… .

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