Question: Saleem Has An Individual Medical Expense Insurance Policy With A $1,000 Deductible And A 70-30 (insurer-insured) Percent Coinsurance Clause. Saleem Had Surgery, That Is Covered By The Insurance Policy, And Incurred Medical Bills Of $15,000. A- In Total, How Much Will The Insurance Company Pay Toward These Medical Bills? Show Your Work. (3 Marks) B- …

Saleem has an individual medical expense insurance policy with a$1,000 deductible and a 70-30 (insurer-insured) percent coinsuranceclause. Saleem had surgery, that is covered by the insurancepolicy, and incurred medical bills of $15,000. a- In total, howmuch will the insurance company pay toward these medical bills?Show your work. (3 marks) b- In total, how much will Saleem have topay? Show your work. (3 marks) c- In total, how much of the medicalbills has been covered (by the insurer and Saleem together). (1mark)

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