The Glass Menagerie

For this essay you will be using 3 sources: the play “The Glass Menagerie”, 1 TV show of your
choosing (better to choose 1 episode than a whole series), and one movie of your choosing. Here are the
instructions to help organize your essay:
• Begin your essay with a single introductory paragraph. Introduce your 3 sources. Using the drama
vocabulary sheet, define which type of drama each story is (ex: tragedy, comedy, farce…)
Then, for each of your sources (play, tv show, movie) please do the following:
• Discuss the basic plot of the story. Describe what “scenes” help to make up the entire “act” or whole
• Discuss the characters using the vocabulary from our fiction unit (ex: round, flat, dynamic, static,
sympathetic, stock…)
• Using specific examples (quotations) from the stories, describe several ways in which the characters speak
and interact (ex: dialogue, monologue, soliloquy, aside, improvisation, epilogue…)
• Describe the setting and atmosphere of each story – the location, the scenery, the props used
• Describe the music used in each type of story and what emotions it creates in the listener/viewer
• Describe the use of symbolism or deeper meaning used in each story
• End your essay with a single conclusion paragraph where you describe the major theme or message of
each story.
• The essay will be at least 6-8 pages, double-spaced, using correct MLA formatting
o Heading, header, title, margins…
• The essay will use direct and properly cited quotations from all texts discussed (the play, the TV show, the
• MLA help is available in the MLA Resources Folder on Blackboard. There is an MLA PPT, a Using
Quotations PPT, and examples of how to cite a play, tv show, and movie both in-text and on a Works Cited
page. Please look at these examples!!
• The essay will contain a correctly formatted Works Cited Page
• The essay may use 3rd POV and/or 1st POV, but NO 2nd POV (you, your, yourself, we, us, our, ourselves) For more information on The Glass Menagerie read this:

The Glass Menagerie

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