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This essay is based on the short story Snow Falling on Cedars. The question that needs to be answered is “Is Snow Falling on Cedars primarily a novel about a lost life, lost land, or a lost love? How are the threads of these diverse stories woven together to provide the truth at Kabuo’s trial?”In a paper of 1500 words, explore one of the topics below. In addition to your usual outline and thesis statement, make APA-style parenthetical citations for examples of evidences, facts, and illustrations you take from the text and use to support your paper. There should be one citation for every 250 words of written text in your paper. Use the handout “Using Material from Sources”. For quotes you take from the film, use the citation (SFOC-film). For quotes you take from the Study Guide, use the citation (Study Guide, Pg #)Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay onBook ReviewJust from $13/PageFor more information on Book Review read this:

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