Pesticide and Antibiotic Resistance

Discussion: Pesticide and Antibiotic Resistance
Viral diseases, such as HIV, SARS, and Ebola strike fear in the hearts and minds of those who understand the nature of these illnesses. Every year, people throughout the world visit medical clinics to receive vaccinations to protect them from seasonal influenza, another kind of virus. Deadly viruses and bacterial infections are among the evolving enemies to which the title of Chapter 11 in your course text refers. How do these enemies evolve? What makes them especially dangerous?
For the Discussion, you learn about the evolving enemies known as pesticide and antibiotic resistance and propose a strategy for addressing one specific resistance example.
To prepare for this Discussion:
•    Think about the title of Chapter 12: “An Evolving Enemy” and consider this question: To what enemies does the title refer, and how did they evolve?
•    As you review Chapter 12, also focus on the following:
o    What the term resistance means
o    How resistance is related to natural selection
o    The impact that different forms of resistance may have on human health
•    You may consider your personal knowledge or experience regarding pesticide or antibiotic resistance. For example, you may be aware of a news story about a troublesome insect that is difficult to control with pesticides. Or, you may be aware of a friend or acquaintance that contracted an infection that did not respond well to antibiotics. You may draw upon your knowledge and experience to narrow your search for a topic for this Assignment.
•    Conduct additional research, focusing on either pesticide or antibiotic resistance. Choose one particular example of resistance to address in the Discussion. This week’s Optional Resources suggest websites where you could start your search.
•    Based on what you have learned about resistance and on the information you have gathered during your research, consider strategies that could address the resistance.

Post a proposal (at least two paragraphs long) for a strategy to address the antibiotic or pesticide resistance you selected. Your proposal should include the following:
•    A brief description of the resistance
•    A brief explanation of when and how the resistance occurred
•    A description of the impact of the resistance on human health
•    A strategy to address the impact of the resistance, including reasons why this strategy would be useful
•    References to at least two sources outside the Required Resources
•    All references cited in APA format. For more information on Pesticide and Antibiotic Resistance read this:

Pesticide and Antibiotic Resistance

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