Question: 1a. ) Tom Had A BP Of 130/100 MmHg And A Cardiac Output Of 3 L/min. Calculate His Stroke Volume. Give Your Answer In Milliliters/beat. 1b.) Titus Had A BP Of 120/80 MmHg. He Was Getting His BP Checked On His Left Arm And The Nurse Pumped The Sphygmomanometer Up To 180 MmHg. At This Pressure The Nurse Attempted To Feel His Left Radial Pulse. Will She …

1a. ) Tom had a BP of 130/100 mmHg and a cardiac output of 3L/min. Calculate his stroke volume. Give your answer inmilliliters/beat.
1b.) Titus had a BP of 120/80 mmHg. He was getting his BPchecked on his left arm and the nurse pumped the sphygmomanometerup to 180 mmHg. At this pressure the nurse attempted to feel hisleft radial pulse. Will she be able to feel it?

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