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About me: Independent, full-time freelancer, smart, interactive and meticulous.  Strength: – Deliver quick and accurate work with detail-oriented approach at a fair price on time even under tight deadline meeting client’s expectation. – Guide the clients to increase their sales by suggesting ideas.  Product management: – All product types on Magento including categories, attributes and attribute sets. – Edit images at basic level – Other platforms – Shopify, Oberlo for Aliexpress, WordPress, Woocommerce, Open Cart, Zen Cart, Prestashop and Amazon Seller Central.  Administrative Tasks: – Data Entry – Excel with basic formulae, macros and VBA script. – Copy Paste – LaTex Code, Moodle LMS Familiarization, Add multiple choice questions to other LMS as well – Instagram and Pinterest – Financial statements, invoices, tax, billing, credit, debit – Typing – Data Conversion – Basic web research  What else: – Other admin tasks that I am able to – Available as needed and deliver very quick with accurate results. – Reliable internet – i5 4th gen 12 GB Ram 1 TB HDD 22 inch LED monitor desktop PC. – Calm workplace   “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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