Discuss the Characteristics of Epithelial Tissue


Tissues 1. The four basic tissue types include: Pith emal Connective Le and Navas 2. Cell connections that form a tight seal between cells, inhibiting the movement of material between cells are 3. Cell connections that allow for the movement of small molecules and ions between cells: 4. List four characteristics of epithelial tissue: 5. List five functions of epithelial tissue: 6. Match location with epithelial type: Lining of the stomach Lining of oral cavity Lining of urinary bladder Lining of blood vessels a. Simple columnar epithelium b. Simple squamous epithelium c. Non-keratinized stratified squamous epithelium d. Transitional epithelium glands are those that secrete a product into a duct that empties onto a body surface or into the lumen of a hollow organ. 8. Exocrine glands can be can be classified functionally as 9. Five characteristics of connective tissue: 10. Five functions of connective tissue: 11. Match function with connective tissue type: Stores fat, insulates against heat loss resists stress from various directions seen in the dermis of the skin provides support, mineral storage and blood production allows for stretching and recoiling of blood vessels a. Elastic connective tissue b. Bone (osscous) tissue c. Adipose tissue d. Dense irregular connective tissue 12. The three types of cartilage are: and 13. Blood is composed of two components, cells and extracellular matrix. The cells incluce cells. , and is the epithelial membrane that lines body cavitics, covers internal organs, and is composed of mesothelium overlying areolar connective tissue. is the epithelial membrane that forms the covering of the body and includes the epidermis and dermis of the skin. 15. 16. The three functions of muscle tissue: 17. Muscle type with a striated appearance, composed of uninucleated cells that are branched: 18. Muscle type with a striated appearance, composed of multinucleated cells in a parallel arrangement 19. Muscle type composed of uninuclear cells that are tapered and found in the walls of hollow organs and surrounding some blood vessels 20. is the tissue type that detects internal and external stimuli allowing the body to respond via action potentials 21. List the three major structures found on neurons:

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