Discuss the Function of the Fluid that Fills the Pericardial Sac



Anatomy of the Heart 2. What isc the function of the lund that fills the pericardial sa? 3. Match the terms in the key to the descriptions provided below. m atria 1. location of the heart in the thomx b coronary arteries 2. superior heart chambers coronary sinus 3. inferior heart chambers d. endocardium 4. visceral pericardium epicardium 5. Manterooms of the heart mediastinum 6. equals cardiac muscle myocardium 7. provide nutrient blood to the heart muscle h. ventricles 8. lining of the heart chambers 9. actual “pumps” of the heart 10. drains blood into the right atrium 4. What is the function of the valves found in the heart? 5. What is the role of the chordae tendinene? Pulmonary, Systemic, and Cardiac Circulations 6. A simple schematic of general circulation is shown below. What part of the circulation is missing from this diagram? Add to the dingram as best you can to make it depict a complete systemic/pulmonary circulation. La- bel the systemic and pulmonary circulations Systeme arteries a Systemic 12 capilares V

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