Discuss what are Osseous Tissue


. The two types of osseous tissue are A) Haversian and lamellar bones B) spongy and compact bones C) trabecular and osteoclastic bones D) spicular and trabecular bones E) None of the answers are correct. 18. Roofing bones of the skull form via A) synovial B) intrachondral ossification C) intramembranous D) symphyseal E) endochondral 19. A long bone increases in length until A) epiphyseal closure occurs B) the body runs out of calcium C) appositional growth starts D) expansion of the tertiary ossification centers ends E) death; bones grow as long as we are alive 20. How do hormones regulate the pattern of bone growth? A) They don’t; hormones are not involved in bone growth processes. B). They change the rates of osteoblast and osteoclast activity. C) They control the rate of movement of the epiphyseal line. D) They regulate the deposition of calcium and phosphate salts in the bone matrix. E) None of the answers are correct. 21. Which of the following is most likely to have a nerve pass through it? A) fossa B) process C) ramus D) condyle E) foramen 22. Because they resist stretch, the fibers provide the tensile strength of bone. A) calcium phosphate B) hydroxyapatite C) sodium phosphate D) collagen E) calcium hydroxide

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