Discuss Which of the Following Afferent Fibres Synapse is Rexed Lamina


Which of the following afferent fibres synapse in Rexed Lamina I? a. Aδ fibres b. C fibres c. Aβ fibres d. Aα fibres e. Aγ fibres

2. The anterior and posterior spinal medullary arteries branch off which of the following arteries? a. The segmental arteries b. The radicular arteries c. The anterior spinal artery d. The posterior spinal arteries e. The vasocorona arteries

3. Which of the following splanchnic nerves belongs to the parasympathetic motor division of the autonomic nervous system? a. Pelvic splanchnic b. Lumbar splanchnic c. Greater Splanchnic d. Both (a) and (b) are correct e. Both (b) and (c) are correct

4. Which of the following sensory receptors is NOT encapsulated? a. Nociceptors b. Merkel Discs c. Meissner’s Corpuscles d. Ruffini Corpuscles e. Pacinian Corpuscles

5. Which of the following sensory stimuli are NOT conveyed by the posterior columns? a. Touch b. Pressure c. Itch d. Vibration e. Conscious proprioception

6. What would be the likely result of a complete transection of the spinal cord at T3? a. Loss of breathing b. Loss of upper limb function and sensation c. Loss of lower limb function and sensation d. Both (b) and (c) e. All of the above

7. Which of the following structures is NOT associated with the direct circuit of the basal ganglia? a. Globus pallidus externa b. Globus pallidus interna c. Caudate nucleus d. Substantia nigra pars reticulata e. Putamen

8. Which of the following nuclei in the thalamus are in the principal pathway for sensory afferent input from the head? a. Ventral posterolateral b. Ventral posteromedial c. Ventral anterior d. Ventral lateral e. Pulvinar

9. Which of the following structures are NOT included in the original Papez Circuit a. Hippocampus b. Fornix c. Mammillary bodies d. Amygdala e. Cingulate gyrus

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