Explain Which of the Following Would at Lead to Increased Ex Compa


Which of the following would at lead to increased ex compa? A) increased conseca of lactic acid to glucose B) increased muscle activity cred chic respiration by usde bells D) increased peoduction E) All of the answers are correcte would lead to increased wypen c umption s t e postal toward V is called 9) 9) A shift of the re A) hyperpolarization B) depeler C) polation D) repolaron E) postal deference principle states that these and speed of the action potential are independent of the s t rength 10) thehold but caly if the prefer than the threshold til 11) The period during which enable period 11) A bacute refractory 3) relative refractory Crest D 12) The emce of e los 12) D uma protein 13) Which of the following is a type of found in the peripheral B) micro Codedos Dependale C 14) Function of trocytes includel of the following except 14) A) pontosaldama B) conducting action portals o n developers D) for the work for the CNS in the blood brain bemer cha po chin ponte topical distortion of the membre surface 15 DELL ) 3) Which of the follow to ready A) is of lactic acid to place cre c e civity increased be separation by muscle cells D) increase production E) All of thes e correct would lead to incredere i potrwa DV is called 9) A shift of the A) hyperpolation D) repo E)poftler 10) The DO) 1) three D) all. com i th 11) The pred during w period 11) cactos potes AD10 е в е DELL

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