What Vessel Delivers Oxygenated Blood to Systemic Capillaries for Gas Exchange


What vessel delivers oxygenated blood to systemic capillaries for gas exchange? a. Aorta b. Coronary artery c. Circumflex artery d. Pulmonary trunk 7. Autorhythmicity is the responsibility of: a. Cardiac pacemaker cells b. Contractile cells c. Cardiac muscle d. Skeletal muscle cells 8. What characteristic differentiates cardiac muscle cells from skeletal muscle cells a. Excitability b. Sarcoplasmic reticulum C. Intercalated discs d. Striations 9. What ion initially changes the membrane potential in a contractile cell from negative to positive? a. Outflow of potassium ions b. Influx of calcium ions c. Influx of sodium ions d. Outflow of calcium ions 10. The outward force that blood exerts on the walls of blood vessels is: a. Cardiac output b. Resistance c. Blood pressure d. Blood flow 11. Select the correct relationship between peripheral resistance and blood pressure a. Peripheral resistance has no effect on blood pressure b. As peripheral resistance increases, blood pressure decreases C. As peripheral resistance decreases, blood pressure increases d. As peripheral resistance increases, blood pressure increases

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