Discuss the Structure that does not Penetrate Through the Hilium to the Kidney


One of the following structures does not penetrate through the hilium to the kidney: A. – Renal Artery 8. Renal Vein C. Lymphatic Vessel D. – Renal Calices E. – Nerves. 19.-The following descriptions belong to the glomerulo except one: A.- The capacity for reabsorbing water and solutes. B.- The epithelium of the capillaries is fenestrated, which make this capillaries exceptionally porous. C-The Parietal Layer is simple squamous epithelium. This layer contributes to the capsule structure but not part in forming filtrate D.- The visceral Layer, which cling to the capillaries consists of highly modified, branching epithelial cells called Podocytes apical surface bear dense microvilli just as the intestine, this Brush Border dramatically increases the surface and The E.- octopus-like podocytes terminate in foot processes which interdigitate as they cling to the basement membrane. 20.- One of the approaches is wrong A.- Glomerular capillaries specialize in filtration. B.- Much of fluid is reabsorbed by the renal tubule cells and returned to the blood in the peritubular capillary bed C.- The thin walled vasa recta also play an important role in forming concentrate urine D.- The Afferent Arteriole and the Efferent Arteriole. That arrangement maintains the low pressure in the glomerulus thatis needed for filtration. E. Peritubular capillaries of each nephron absorb substances from several adjacent nephrons

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