nCULTURAL APPROACH TO MEDIA RESEARCH AFSEEN SHAHED-30731488 Feedback: I’m afraid this essay shows that you need to work harder at understanding the form. Let’s chat about this. Try to make your introductions more specific-instead of talkgin about general ideas about media influence, be very specific about what your essay is going to be about. The problem with your introduction is that it doesn’t really say anything about what your assignments will do. It is;t until page 3 or 4 that you mention any kind of media influence-and then unfortunately you get it wrong. The time and space issue is cultural, not technical-it speaks about how media affect how we make sense of time, location, the meaning of the home and so on-so you get that a bit wrong. Also, you don’t give an example, so it’s all very vague. When you do discuss specific examples, choosing 3 means that you don’t demonstrate exactly what these events are about. The World Cup would have been perfect to discuss time and space (the idea of the whole world watching the same game at the same time speaks ot the congregating power of the media) but you don’t go into that, and then move on to Oprah. there are two problems with that. First it doesn’t show much imagination to use examples from class, and second as we did go over that, I’m [puzzled as to why you didn’t follow up with some of the readings that I had shared on this issue. I think going forward you need to be much more careful about using the reading that you’ve done. You have read quite a lot, but really don’t use the ideas you have encountered. Fro example, you might have defined post truth and then discussed what it says about media power-instead of spending three pages with general commentary that is too general to be of any value. That would have lifted the essay considerably. So the lesson is to be much more careful about carefully explaining specific ideas and relating them in detail to one concrete example.  Introduction According to (Baran, 2015), mass communication and mass media play a significant role in the current society with the various aspects of communication theory, psychology, sociology, and culture. Modern culture is significantly and directly dependent on mass communication and broadcasting systems. Mass media can reach numerous audiences and people at a particular time to express a certain belief, thought, culture and spread a message throughout the entire communication process. It has a huge influence on the lifestyle of people, culture, and beliefs of the society and also changes and development of the environment and society. In this research paper, various themes of media communication have been discussed that have a significant influence. There are numerous events that have a crucial impact on culture. This enhances skill and knowledge of people. It can also influence social-psychological, cultural, and personal development and change changes with the help of a significant message. According to the research presentation, it is quite evident that in current years the media culture is flourishing every passing day. Moreover, in this section, different themes related to the culture have been defined, which are responsible for creating an impact on the communication method as well. On the other hand, there are different themes related to the mass media that can be found in McQuail’s Media and Mass Comm Theory, and from the theory, related themes have been discussed in a detailed way to set a clear understanding of individuals thoughts and idea. Theme 1: Power and Inequality As stated by Royce (2018), power and media are an important theme related to the media structure as it is responsible for defining the political and economic power of the society in clear terms. The importance related to power and inequality as a media theme plays a very important role as depending on this concept attaining a greater result is possible to achieve. Moreover, the enormous power holds by media at many times is responsible for creating an unequal point of view for others which can determine other’s actions and activities too. Theme 2: Social Integration and Identity As defined by Li (2015), with the help of social integration and identity, the media and mass communication aspects are able to create a connection with different disciplines like sociology, psychology, and others to manage the social order. Moreover, this theme is responsible for defining the attachment of people with different social sections. It is possible to set up a public sphere with the help of this media theme. And it is helpful for presenting a mirror to the society and bind the entire community in a common thread as well. Theme 3: Social Change and Development As described by Sanford (2017), the media results, at many times are responsible for driving a social change aspect too. Moreover, based on mass communication, the media is able to create a progressive point of view of society as well. On the other hand, social changes like enhancement of technology and innovation have made an impact on the entire development procedure as well. Furthermore, the implementation of current social development aspects on media houses needs to be managed properly for attaining a better and progressive social change. Theme 4: Space and Time As mentioned by Carlstein (2019), another important theme related to mass media is time and space. Communication is one of the important aspects that are responsible for creating a bridge between the dimension of time and space over discontinuities. Moreover, the theme is responsible for defining that proper technical communication can connect people despite the variances created via space and time. Therefore, time and space as a theme can be explored efficiently based on the mass communication that will further affect society. Explain How Your Theme Relates to The Concept of Culture Communication through the media process is simple and can make a real influence on society. The various themes of media communication are interconnected to the concept of culture. Culture also influences whether or not these themes flourish and are accepted by the society. Depending on the cultural values, themes of media communication tend to make the society understand the cultural importance and put some artistic expressions with the help of the themes of media. The themes of the media objects play the role of a bridge to connect and the artistic expressions and views and the anthropological views of culture. Mass communication and media communication have huge power to express cultural values with the artistic expressions and anthropological definitions of culture. Power is very important for expressing culture through media communication. Power can influence the media and mass communication to create and generate unequal views and thoughts about the cultural expressions and actions to create a significant effect of culture in the society. Social integration and identity are connected to the media and mass communication systems to spread orders in the society boosting the cultural aspects. Different cultural values and segments are shared by connecting psychology, sociology, and social orders with the help of mass communication. It creates feelings and sympathy for the people by attaching social integrity to create a positive outcome on culture. It is considered to be a need to the society as it expresses the culture through different forms and ways to impact the society and make the people aware of the culture of different regions, areas, and of different people. Culture has also a significant connection with the theme of social change and development. Mass communication can make a significant impact when some necessary changes and development in society are important. Mass communication can express the importance of accepting different cultural activities to improve society and also shows the need to implement technical innovations and ideas for the entire development of society (Thompson, 2013). Apply Your Discussion on Media Influence and Culture to A Media Example It is important to highlight that that media is one of the most important broadcasting mediums over the entire world. So, it is quite obvious and relevant to state that the entire culture of the media puts a direct impact on the daily lifestyle of the general people. On the other hand, media also influences the initial social and political environment of the modern-day world. Most significantly, media has the capacity to influence the mass along with several aspects of human life that potentially can contains with voting process in a certain manner. Apart from that, media also influences the individual interpretations and principles. It is also capable of skewing an individual’s information of a particular subject by offering a large number of false information (Peterson, 2003.). Media has the power of reinforces a false news base effectively. Media can be same significant on society in both positive as well as negative manners. It offers public a method to holds a political and social opinion by sharing information and knowledge. So, it is equally important to note that the entire culture of media is essential and equally relevant. Surveillance, entertainment, correlation and cultural transmission are the major functions of media that influences the modern lifestyle enormously (Salgado, 2018). There are several media events that help to influence people. This includes the major themes like power and inequality, social change and development, space and time. The media events are mainly divided into three parts, local, national and global. The initial culture and work process of the media can be understood by observing several media events. News conferences, world cup events, awarded events are the major parts of the media events. That helps to increases the entire effectivity of the media related aspects. For example, it can be stated that, the news conferences like news world news by BBC are mainly associating with the social change and development along with power and inequality. It helps to understands the major examples that associates with the knowledge creation culture of the media. It also highlights the knowledge sharing culture of the media. Secondly, the world cup events are also hosted by mass media. That includes with the space and time and Social Integration and Identity theme of the media. It also includes the knowledge sharing and entertaining culture of the global media. This specific event helps to uplifts the initial work process of the global connections. Thirdly, the awarded events along with celebrity interviews like Meghan Markle and Orpah interview are also organized by the global media along with national media. The main purpose of these events is to entertain people and create a massive impact on the entertainment industry. It includes the Social Integration and Identity theme of the media. It was telecasted in 2021, on an American television and broadcasts globally. Lastly, political conventions like the 2020 Republican National Convention are also associating with the examples of media events that contains with the knowledge generation and puts impacts on the people’s mind and conceptions on the political parties and their performance levels. That influences the voting system as well. These examples are helps to set an effective view on the media’s performance rate and culture (Poyntz and Pedri, 2018). Conclusion Through the discussion in the entire research paper, it can be concluded that Mass communication and media are the most significant and crucial aspects to share and the cultural values of different people in the society for the upliftment and development of the entire society. the different themes of media and communication have different significance and impact in society that can be useful to make progress and change in this society. Media can present different innovative thoughts and ideas with the communication system to make a significant impact on societal development and progress. It also can impact the lifestyle and also people. The culture of the society can also be changed with the artistic expressions of media communication and broadcasting systems. Apart from that, the people of the society can become aware of the good and bad impacts of different cultural activities and beliefs that can be both positive and negative. The positive cultural beliefs and activities can be sprayed to the people all over the society and reach the goodness of it to other people. On the other hand, the evil beliefs of different cultures can be eliminated with the help of the media communication process. References Baran, S.J., 2015. “Introduction to mass communication”. Carlstein, Tommy. Time resources, society and ecology: On the capacity for human interaction in space and time. Vol. 1. Routledge, 2019. Li, Xuemei. “International students in China: Cross-cultural interaction, integration, and identity construction.” Journal of Language, Identity & Education 14.4 (2015): 237-254. Peterson, M.A., 2003. “Anthropology and mass communication: Media and myth in the new millennium (Vol. 2). Berghahn Books”. Poyntz, S.R. and Pedri, J., 2018. “Youth and media culture. In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education”. Royce, Edward. Poverty and power: The problem of structural inequality. Rowman & Littlefield, 2018. Salgado, S., 2018. “Online media impact on politics. Views on post-truth politics and postpostmodernism”. International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics, 14(3), pp.317-331. Sanford, Nevitt. Self and society: Social change and individual development. Transaction Publishers, 2017. Thompson, J.B., 2013. “Ideology and modern culture: Critical social theory in the era of mass communication”. John Wiley & Sons.

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