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Informatics | Nursing homework helpJune 2, 2021Select one theory from each module.June 2, 2021 Todaro & Smith – Economic Development 12th editionProblem set – Chapter 51. The following income distribution data are for Brazil.Quintile Percent ShareLowest 20% 3.0%Second quintile 6.9%Third quintile 11.8%Fourth quintile 19.6%Highest 20% 58.7%Highest 10% 43.0%(a) Carefully graph the Lorenz curve, labeling the axes.(b) Explain how to find the Gini coefficient, graphically.(c) Brazil’s national income is about $300 billion. What is the approximate dollar income of the bottom 20%? Bottom 40%?(d) Brazil’s population is approximately 150 million. Suppose that  each household makes the average income for its quintile. What is the  level of poverty if the poverty line is $400 per capita?(e) Suppose one percent of national income were transferred from the  richest 20% of households to the poorest 20% of households. Show the  effect on relative inequality. Under the same transfer, what is the  effect on poverty?  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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