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general opinion – Essay WritersJune 2, 2021Discussion 1 | Education homework helpJune 2, 2021  NU310-6: Synthesize research evidence for best practice to improve patient outcomes.Read this ArticleThe purpose of this assignment is for you to incorporate research evidence into a clinical model for a practice change. Using the Iowa Model for Evidence Based Practice as a guide, develop a concept map/schematic that shows the pathways necessary for a clinical change that you would like to see implemented in your current practice setting.The concept map should include the 7 steps below in schematic format:1. Formulate a clinical problem that is nursing sensitive and patient focused. Develop a PICO statement to articulate a research question>P=Population (Who is your population of interest to be affected?)I= Intervention (What intervention will you implement to address the clinical problem?)C= Comparison (Will you be comparing one intervention with another or an intervention with existing protocols?)O= Outcome (What is the desired outcome from the intervention?)T= Time (How long will the change take to implement?)2. Determine organizational commitment3. Develop a team to gather and appraise evidence4. Determine if reasonable evidence exists to implement the clinical change5. Implement a pilot change to test the feasibility6. Evaluate the change/plan7. Disseminate the results.The schematic/concept map should fit on one page. On a separate page, explain the rationale and process of each step of your model (briefly), incorporating references as cite sources in correct 6th edition APA style and format. You do not need to include a title page for this assignment. Provide your reference list on a separate page, with between 4-5 current scholarly references. The total submission should be no more than 3 pages..doc file  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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