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Research paper | GEN 499 General Education Capstone | Ashford UniversityJune 2, 2021general education capstone week 7 assignmentJune 2, 2021 Chapter 14 of your textbook is on the topics of Power, Influence, and Leadership. You will have to demonstrate your knowledge of the course concepts on the above-mentioned topics through your work on the final project.Leader: Paul PolmanFor the final project, please select a person who you consider a “great leader” from the world of business or government/politics (past or present) to conduct your research on. (No fictional characters, professional athletes, movie stars, or cartoon characters).Research Paper (5 pages):Provide a brief biography of the person, and their accomplishments.Identify their leadership style and practices using terms and concepts from the course and from your research.Identify their personal attributes as they may have applied to their success as a leader. Provide examples from your research.Discuss why you chose to research them, and what you admire about that person.Identify what attributes and/or practices of your selected leader that you plan to emulate/take with you into your leadership style.Your paper should include:A short biography of your leader and their accomplishments.Introduction of the leader.Identification of their style of leadership.Explanation of why you chose that person.The most important things for us to take-away from your research.This assignment will be graded on:The demonstration of knowledge of assigned content.Ability to follow assignment directions.Professional Communication Skills (written paper in APA format).  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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