Research question and annotated bibiliogrpahy-5 pages due in 15 hours.

target market 2 – Essay WritersJune 2, 2021In october, pine company reports 19,100 actual direct labor hours,June 2, 2021 Please use attached 6scholarly articles and 4 other popular articles. 6 scholarly articles is mandatory while writing the assignment. I have attached 6 scholarly articles out of which use 6 articles to complete and 4 popular articles of your choice. I attached sample paper in the belowI need references with the linksMust and should follow the Sample PaperTopic: Mobile Threat DefenseDesign a research question(s) about the topic selected formed as quantitative or qualitative.Share why this topic and research question is important for you.Present your review of the literature related to your topic. Apply critical thinking as you write at a synthesis level what you learned from the sources of knowledge reviewed. Aim for three themes drawn from the literature.You should include a minimum of 10-12 reputable sources, including academic, industry, and business publications. (Academic sources include juried journal articles.) Books may also be used if they are written by relatively well-known authors.Use APA 6th standard to format paper, e.g., titles, spacing, citations, and references. Double-spaced, consistent font throughout paper, 12 font sizeMust should follow my articles 6 scholarly which I gave you in the attached paper and take 4 popular articlesU have to be fill in the sample paperI need references of 4 popular articles with links   “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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