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NURS2006: Supplementary assessment for 2021 Instruction Choose one of the following scenarios (1-5) todevelop a PICO question, search string and a summary table and complete the template provided in page 2.Please note that there is no word limit for this assessment, and It does not require introduction and conclusion. Scenario 1 Patient satisfaction is a key metric that influences both hospital ratings and reimbursement. Studies have suggested that purposeful nursing rounds can improve patient satisfaction.Gemma wants to know the impact of hourly rounding by nursing staff on patient satisfaction and safety. Scenario 2 Pressure, from lying or sitting on a particular part of the body results in reduced oxygen and nutrient supply, impaired drainage of waste products and damage to cells. Kiana works in a medical ward where number of patients cannot reposition themselves and require assistance. Kiana is worried that the number of pressure ulcers may increase and wants to clarify the role of repositioning in the management of patients with pressure ulcers. Scenario 3 Leg ulcers arising from venous problems are called venous (or varicose or stasis) ulcers. The main treatment is the application of a firm compression garment (bandage or stocking) in order to aid venous return. There is a large number of compression garments available and it was unclear whether they are effective in treating venous ulcers and, if so, which method of compression is the most effective. RN Mia wants to know whether compression bandages or stockings aid venous ulcer healing. Scenario 4 Dementia is a chronic condition which progressively affects memory and other cognitive functions, social behaviour, and ability to carry out daily activities. To date, no treatment is clearly effective in preventing progression of the disease. RN Koby wants to evaluate the efficacy and safety of animal‐assisted therapy for people with dementia. Scenario 5 Falls in care facilities and hospitals are common events that cause considerable morbidity and mortality for older people. There are several interventions designs to reduce falls in older people in hospitals. Emma wants to confirm whether implementing an exercise programmes can reduce the rate of falls. NURS2006: Supplementary assessment Review Question: (Write the review question using the PICOT format for your selected scenario) Keywords (Using PICOT components in the question, list possible search terms, Demonstrate the use of Boolean operators, Wildcard and Truncation) PIC (if applicable)OT (if applicable) Search string (Develop and implement a search string- Remember to use the Boolean operators, Truncations, and wildcards if applicable) (see module 5 for example). Please copy past the search string that you have implemented. Summary table: Provide 5 articles that you have selected that are relevant to the review question. (please do not copy past findings from the original source) Author and DateEvidence Type (Indicate the type of evidence reviewed (e.g., RCT, meta-analysis, systematic review, case study, narrative literature review)Level of Evidence (identify the level of evidence of each study)Sample and Setting (Provide a quick view of the population, number of participants, and study location)Findings that Help Answer the PICOT Question (Although the reviewer may find many points of interest, list only findings that directly apply to the EBP question). Reference List (provide a list of all the references used in APA style) Assignment Rubric: supplementary assessment CriteriaExceeds standardAchieved standardMissing or Not AchievedPICO question 5%Review question clearly, succinctly stated using the PICOT format.Review question stated but needs minor changes.Review question inadequately stated or missing or not relevant to any of the given scenarios.Keywords 10%Identifies keywords used which were appropriate and logical Demonstrates an excellent understanding of using Boolean operators, Wildcard and TruncationLimited keywords identified Used either/ OR truncation, Boolean operators and wildcardKeywords used identified were inappropriate, illogical or not related to Review question No/ incorrect use of truncation, Boolean operators and wildcardSearch strategy 10%Clear succinct and logical framework used to present the five chosen articles.Mostly accurate explanation of implementation of search strategy givensearch string, inadequate, illogical or absent.Summary table 20%All five articles relevant to the PICO question Evidence Type: All five correctly identified Level of evidence: All five correctly identified Sample and Setting: All five correctly identified Findings that Help Answer the PICOT Question: All five correctly identifiedSummary table- mostly accurate 1-2 articles not relevant to the research question Evidence Type: Three or more correctly identified Level of evidence: Three or more correctly identified Sample and Setting: Three or more correctly identified Findings that Help Answer the PICOT Question: Most of them correctly identifiedthree or more articles not relevant to the review question. Evidence Type: three or more inaccurate Level of evidence: three or more inaccurate Sample and Setting: three or more inaccurate Findings that Help Answer the PICOT Question: three or more inaccurateReferencing 5%Citations of literature are well integrated into the text of the paper. Referencing consistently follows the APA 6th edition system .Some citations of literature are not well integrated into the text of the paper. Referencing mostly follows the APA 6th edition system.Citations of literature are poorly integrated into the text of the paper. Referencing does not consistently follow the APA 6th edition system.Total markDateName of markerOverall comment

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