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Use marketing to grow k-w’s blue brandJune 2, 2021I need to put this document into an excel spreadsheet!June 2, 2021My question has two parts. the first part which I did it. I explained my journey in two pages. in this part, I need to just be sure that there is no grammar mistake and it is well written an academic way. My work it is not very good. so please well organize it. I did this in two pages.the second part should be analysis in light of critical race theory. this part should be from 2 to 4 pages.you should use at least 6 to 7 definition from my course material.May be you have all of them because you did my reflections during the whole semester.i attached below my work its name the file name is journey.also i attached all course materials.the direction below from my professorDirections: Write a 4-6 paged paper in two parts. The first section is based on your experience, entirely.The second section will require that you draw on the concepts from the class readings for the analysis. Be sure to explain each term you use in your own words before you use it!Section 1: Racial Autobiography.Write out your personal experience with race in as much detail as possible, from your earliest memories to the present day. Consider addressing the following questions in the following order.How did you first learn about race? What were the circumstances in which you learned that you ‘belonged’ to one race and not another? Who was there? What did they say? How did they act? How did you feel? What did you say or not say (or now feel you should have said)? Why did you respond the way that you did? Whose ‘voices’ were in your head as the interaction played out? If your memories of race and gender experiences are equal, put both down.Consider 2 to 3 additional situations (arranged chronologically) in which race figured prominently in your interactions with other. They can be instances when you felt discriminated against, or they can be instances when you discriminated against others, or BOTH. Be ruthlessly honest, here—especially if you were involved with discriminating against others. What were the circumstances? What happened? What was said? How did you say or not say (or now feel you should have said)? Why did you respond the way that you did? Whose ‘voices’ were in your head as the interaction played out?Finally, reflect on your racial identity today (especially in regards to our current political climate). How has it changed or shifted as you have gotten older? How has this course influenced you understanding?Section 2: Analysis.Use the ‘big words’ from the books to analyze or make sense of your experiences. When all else fails, go deeper. Don’t be afraid to take a guess, as long as you are honest about it. Feel free to use intuition and inference such as “it seems,” “it feels,” “I sense,” or “I infer.”Think in terms of intersectionality. Are there any race-based instances in Section 1 that might have been made worse or better because of other traits such as gender (or dress or complexion or hair or accent or marital status or a combination thereof)?Think in terms of power and dominance. Who in your interactions represented the voice of the dominant culture or white perspective (or oppressor)? Who in your interactions represented the voice of the minority or non-white perspective, if anyone? Were micro-aggressions in evidence? Was reification or essentialization evident? What about alienation (or silencing)?Think in terms of the key arenas from Sullivan in which race and racism plays out: unconscious, ignorance, habits, place and space.Think in terms of the racial stereotypes that may have been at play in the interactions. Were ‘phantoms’ present in any of your interactions that you may not have been aware of at the time? What about appropriation? Was anything or anyone appropriated in the interactions?NB: We do not resell papers. Upon ordering, we do an original paper exclusively for you.  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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