Genetic Testing

Respond to by writing  student 1 and Student 2. Write 10 sentences each use and an article online or a website from 2019 to 2021. Start using a question to respond to student 1 and student 2. Then cite your source for student 1 and student 2.
Student 1: What information is ethical to disclose during genetic testing?
After reading the article posted in course materials about a 74-year-old woman giving birth to twin girls, I researched ethical dilemmas faced during pregnancy. I found common ethical dilemmas experienced during genetic testing. Genetic counselors often have to deliver difficult news such as their baby not developing properly (Muthuswamy, 2011). What some may forget is, genetic counselors might find other things unexpectedly.
What should a counselor do if a couple came in to find out only if their baby has a developmental delay or a disease, and they find false paternity or fetal sex?
Is it ethical to disclose this information to the parents even if it’s not what they were seeking originally?
What if the counselor suspects that parents will misuse the information and seek abortion?

Student 2)When if ever, is the utilization of posthumous gametes ethically acceptable?
Posthumous assisted reproduction (PAR) is the birth of a child by a women inseminated after the death of a male partner.Posthumous assisted reproduction can be either planned or unplanned. Planned PAR involves gamete, embryo, or tissue cryopreservation before death.Fertility preservation is commonly utilized before patients undergo chemotherapy or go into active-duty military service and includes explicit consent from the source allowing their use posthumously.Unplanned PAR is more controversial and although uncommon the ethical complexities raise many questions about the intent and consent of the deceased and the concern for the resultant children.Fertility preservation is underutilized among adolescent and young adult cancer patients because the disposition of the stored minor gametes is not clearly addressed, and further research is required (F & S, 2020).John Doe, before starting chemotherapy for cancer, stored 8 vials of cryopreserved sperm at a clinic. After his death, his distraught mother contacted the center to acquire the specimens. She planned on using a surrogate to be inseminated with her son’s sperm. For more information on Genetic Testing read this:

Genetic Testing

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