Importance of Psychopharmacology

The signature assignment for this course is an 8–10-page paper
written in APA format with cited research (to include a minimum of 4
references) on a chosen organization (for example, the National
Institute of Health) and a chosen psychiatric disorder covered in the
class. Please discuss one disorder. Do not use the disorder you used
as a diagnosis in you Case Assignment (Pick a new disorder). Please
address the following questions in your paper:
How has your organization contributed to awareness and the
importance of psychopharmacology for your psychiatric disorder?
What are the pharmacological medications recommended for your
chosen disorder? Be sure to include basic classification, indications,
therapeutic effects, side effects, and contraindications for the
psychiatric disorder.
What is your role as a therapist in the continuum of care for the client
(such as how can you use your knowledge about medications to help
the client and/or their family, for example)? How can you use the
information you learned to assist you in fostering a strong therapeutic
alliance between yourself and the client?
Writing Guidelines:
Cover page and reference page.
Must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in
1 / 2
12-point Times New Roman.
Paper should be proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes.
Essays should be in APA style (Please refer to the APA 7th
Edition Manual for guidance).
You must cite all texts used, including page numbers to avoid
Your paper must have an introduction and conclusion. For more information on Importance of Psychopharmacology read this:

Importance of Psychopharmacology

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