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Nick tells us at the end of ‘The Great Gatsby’ that Gatsby believed in the green light, the future that recedes before us and even though it eludes usJune 3, 2021Coral Reef Destruction – custom papersJune 3, 2021   Instructions · Maximum paper length: two pages · Format: single space, in Calibri, 12-point font · Write in prose form, do not respond with bullet points · References: list at least three information sources at the end · Demonstrate creative and critical thinking, coherent and clear writing Please read the Wall Street Journal articles about Disney+ and research for additional background information. Disney’s new ad-free subscription streaming service, Disney+ is set to launch in November 2019. The new service will include programming based on Disney’s biggest franchises, including “Star Wars” and Marvel Studios, as well as original programming, thousands of TV shows and hundreds of movies. The service is priced at 6.99 a month. Shortly after the Disney+ launch, the US will enter into the holiday season. You are tasked to conduct an analysis of the upcoming Disney+ holiday campaign in the U.S. 1. Set the marketing objective, advertising objective and media objective for this Disney+ holiday campaign. 2. Define and describe the U.S. target audience from a (i) demographic, (ii) psychographic, and (iii) behavioral standpoint. 3. Conduct a SWOT analysis of Disney+. 4. Identify your top three paid media channels for this campaign and explain why.   “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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