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Should Woolworth set up more 24-Hour Woolworths in Suburban areas? – custom papersJune 3, 2021Project work – info security and risk managementJune 3, 2021  (1) Prompt the user for a string that contains two strings separated by a comma. (1 pt)Examples of strings that can be accepted:Jill, AllenJill , AllenJill,AllenEx:Enter input string: Jill, Allen(2) Report an error if the input string does not contain a comma. Continue to prompt until a valid string is entered. Note: If the input contains a comma, then assume that the input also contains two strings. (2 pts)Ex:Enter input string: Jill AllenError: No comma in stringEnter input string: Jill, Allen(3) Extract the two words from the input string and remove any spaces. Store the strings in two separate variables and output the strings. (2 pts)Ex:Enter input string: Jill, AllenFirst word: JillSecond word: Allen(4) Using a loop, extend the program to handle multiple lines of input. Continue until the user enters q to quit. (2 pts)Ex:Enter input string: Jill, AllenFirst word: JillSecond word: AllenEnter input string: Golden , MonkeyFirst word: GoldenSecond word: MonkeyEnter input string: Washington,DCFirst word: WashingtonSecond word: DCEnter input string: q  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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