Project Definition

Learning Objective & Learning Outcome:
Students will analyze best practices for constructing an eclectic Project Definition for their project. As a result of this learning activity, students will be able to create a sound, foundational Project Definition to support their Project Management (PM) Plan for execution.

Required Reading: The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management – Eric Verzuh

Chapter 3 – up to the End Point paragraph (p. 45)
Chapter 22
Note: Having personal, technical glitches and waiting until the last hour to upload your work are not legitimate excuses for not submitting your work on time. The servers are busiest at that time. In addition, submitting the wrong assignment isn’t a legitimate excuse. Take screenshots, especially of any FSO error messages. Email your work to or your specific Instructor’s email if you’re having problems uploading your assignment in FSO. Places such as Starbucks, Panera, McDonalds, the library, etc. should be used as back-up wifi options.

Please review the EBMS Late Policy PDF under Professionalism for further details. In short, -20 points for being 1 day late and -50 for 2 days late for non-emergency situations. There’s no extra credit or make-up work. I know that we’re all busy but please plan and manage your time wisely. Inform me about emergency situations as early as possible. For more information on Project Definition read this:

Project Definition

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