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research assignmentOrder DescriptionPrinciples of government law and administration in Australia essay. It is Government law and administration area. The law backgroud should under Australia legal system, in Victoria state, not other countries. There are some tips should be pay attention: 1. The citation is different. I will update the AUS legal citation, we usually don’t use APA, we use AUS legal citation. 2. We usually have footnotes. 3. The words limits is 3750 words, including headings and subheadings. There will be penalty for exceeding words, Bibliography and footnotes should not be included in the word count.However, substantial comment in footnotes will be included. 4. I will upload my essay topic in the attachments, there are instructions about this exam. and I will also upload other materials about this course in the attachments, you can read all the materials to finish the answer. Thank you very much
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