The Macromolecule


In the last week, we talk and discuss the macromolecules, and you identify the uses of some of them, the befits, and the side effects of its overconsumption. Perhaps, not all the time we are aware that indirectly we are over consuming some of these substances (steroids and hormones).


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1. The hormones and steroid in our food (Links to an external site.)

2. Regulations of labeling food by USA (Links to an external site.)

A. Go to the refrigerator and pantry room, and check the food that you consume over the week. In the label, you will find if the product contains or not hormones
Write a short paragraph (minimum 350 words) where you debate the use of hormones and steroids to grow the food that we eat. In your paragraph include if you think the published concerns are true or not.

B. Then provide two example on how your classmates can use the concepts learned in this class in their lives . Minimum of 100 words per example in your reply. For more information on The Macromolecule read this:

The Macromolecule

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