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Task Four – Narrative – Legislation and Organizational Practices•    Narrative (1,500 words)•    Use diagrams, illustrations, images, and flow charts to support your narrative• 4 References3.1Explain the importance of work life balanceExplain UK legislation linked to this, Equality Act 2010, Working Time Directive 1998Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay onEssentials of People PracticeJust from $13/Page3.2Explain clearly with detail the meaning of wellbeing in the workplace with examples3.3Discuss how positive and negative engagement impacts employees and their work and with examples the results of both negative and positive engagement3.4Discuss in detail the Equality Act 2010 and each of the 9 protected characteristics with examples for each3.5Give and explanation with examples of diversity and inclusion, discuss how this is different to equal opportunities, also discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion to business with examples and for social justice with examples3.6Explain in detail the differences between fair and unfair dismissal referencing UK lawFor more information on Essentials of People Practice read this:

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