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Part 1: Create a database model according to the following steps:
Create a simple class diagram containing three classes: Vehicle, Car, and Truck. Provide two attributes for each of these three classes.Create a rough sketch of a relational table that will store the objects belonging to the aforementioned three classes.Ensure you have tried all three options—single table, two tables, and three tables—in your database design.Enter two objects per table, corresponding to the classes.Use the two-table design to recreate a Car object.Repeat the preceding step to recreate a Truck object.Create a simple association relationship in a separate class diagram showing Driver and Car.Apply a multiplicity of 1 on the driver side and N on the Car side.Add/modify your table designs to handle storing of two objects belonging to Car and two belonging to Driver.Modify the multiplicity on the Driver side to N. This makes it a many-to-many multiplicity.Modify your table designs to handle this multiplicity and show where and how the KEYS or IDs will have to be placed.Create a class diagram corresponding to the tables you have designed. Stereotype all classes on that class diagram as .
Part 2: Using a programming language of your choice, write a script that will print out pseudocode of your model. Paste the pseudocode in a Word document.
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