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Consider what actions might prompt the following exchange between a parent and his or her adolescent child:Parent: “What were you thinking?”Child: “I wasn’t.”Parent: “What if you got caughJune 7, 2021

Pleasewatch the video below on organizational communication by Professor Koschmann ofUC-Boulder. Pay particular attention to the segment when the Professor movesbeyond this conventional view of organizational communication. 

After this please read chapters1 & 2 that are attached.
Please respond to all thequestions, one question at a time. Please no plagiarism and make sure allsources are cited properly.
Activity 1

What does Professor Koschmannmean by the “flat earth” approach?
Why do you believe thisapproach inadequate?

Activity 2
Think about a recentcommunication you have experienced with a manger or co-worker in yourorganization.

Thoroughly describe theexperience using the Components of Communication found on pages 10 and 11of your text.
What meaning wasnegotiated during your interaction? 

Activity 3
The questions in this activityrelate to Chapter 2 in your textbook.

First, develop and share yourthoughts about the definition of language. What is language?
What are some of the wayslanguage can be an obstacle to communication?
Select one of your obstaclesand share your personal example/experience.
What strategies could have beenemployed to address any of the obstacles you identified?

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