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1. What did you learn about user-centered design? Describe at least three key takeaways (3 pages).
2. How does what you learned in this course impact you in your career? How have you improved in your current position as a result of this course (2 pages)?
3. What topics from this course most interested you, what would you like to study further, and why (2 pages)?
4. Describe two activities, lectures, course policies or faculty/student interactions that made this course excellent. Why (1 page)?
5. Describe two activities, lectures, course policies or faculty/student interactions that, in your opinion need to be modified, eliminated, or better constructed to make this a more excellent course. Why (1 page)?
Complete each component in a professional manner and ensure that all your work is original work. In addition to the points awarded for the quality of your work for each section of the assignment, you will be awarded points for presentation and professionalism (up to 10 points) and writing mechanics (up to 10 points).
The entire assignment should be double-spaced with one-inch margins and size 12 font. No before or after spacing should exist. Any citations should be in APA format. Paragraphs should not have extra spacing. Failing to follow these requirements will result in a reduced score for each section that the guidelines are not applied.
TEXTBOOK LINK:,%20Helen%20Sharp,%20Yvonne%20Rogers-Interaction%20Design_%20Beyond%20Human-Computer%20Interaction-Wiley%20(2015)[369707].PDF 
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