Critical Review and Organization of Scholarly Resources

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Organization of your search for scholarly resources is of key importance. A matrix, such as the one created for this course, can aid in this process.  A matrix is not meant to hold all of the details about the articles that you found, but it should contain the information that you need in order to decide which articles you will use for your weekly assignments.
For this Assignment, you will examine information from your resources in order to organize the information within the matrix.
To prepare:

From the Learning Resources, review the “Literature Review Matrix Template,” and use this matrix to help you collect and organize your research.
Search the Walden University Library for articles for your literature review, including peer-reviewed articles. Note: You should include 12–14 sources of which at least 8 must be peer-reviewed journal articles.


Place the 12–14 scholarly sources that you have researched into the “Literature Review Matrix Template.”
Remember that 8 sources must be mainly current peer-reviewed journal articles. An article is considered current if it was published within the past 5 years.
You will use this matrix to help prepare the Week 5 Literature Review.

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