do research paper on traffic signal technologies topic

Your paper will focus on contemporary Transportation challenges and solutions. The following three general themes will be used There will be an opportunity to strive for the best paper report. Winners will receive special bonus. The themes are:
a.Transportation Safety
b.Transportation Efficiency
c.Environmental Impacts of Transportation
Information Sources
-Information is collected from library/internet sources and also from the local agencies (CALTRANS, SANDAG) and consulting firms. A number of journals available online are an excellent place to start.
Paper Structure –
It is important for your paper to be well structured. Although each paper will be different, papers should have:
a.Problem Statement, including the significance of the problem (some form of statistical figures is encouraged)
b. presentation of the most important solutions (technologies, results, challenges)
c. evaluation of the current solutions (some form of an original
Summary Table or Chart is encouraged), and discussion on any promising futuristic solutions
d. conclusions
Paper Size –
The paper should be about 10 pages typed single spaced, 11 font (including graph and figures and tables). Try to be succinct and to the point but be careful not to leave out important information. See attach file for more details

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