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Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.
The scientific management theory was developed by Fredrick Taylor in 1911 and developed the idea that the final product is the goal and the assembly line to get there had to be unified and similar (Scientific Management Theory, 2018). The theory also establishes belief that the role of the manager and the employee are separate, goals were not mutually agreed upon (Scientific Management Theory, 2018). This could pose a problem in the healthcare setting because it does not necessarily follow an assembly line protocol, the patients are all individuals and individualized plan of care is necessary.
High readmission rates make the healthcare system very inefficient. Reason for high admission rates could be due to the routine, protocol style of learning and systems in place for educating patients. I work on a cardiac floor and we deal with many heart failure patients who are constantly readmitted to the hospital. The base of their learning and the hospital for that matter is teach-back. We have a heart failure specialist nurse who educates all heart failure patients in hospital and has classes they can follow up with. Her education helps, but I think the routine system of solely using teach-back can be ineffective in learning. Many of these patients can recite what I educate them, but when it comes to buying their own food or even preparing their own food, they have a hard time following the low sodium diet they tell me about.
The good news is, at my facility feedback is encouraged and we have quarterly surveys where we can report what is going well and what needs improvement. The surveys are anonymous so it gives nurses the ability to share their voice without being afraid of retaliation.
Scientific Management Theory: Advantages and Disadvantages. (2018, July 31). Retrieved from

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