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watch the movies and answer the following four questions in six linesJune 9, 20216 10 slides powerpoint 1June 9, 2021

programming EV3 ROBOTEach Run– When the robot starts this initiates a “Circuit”– Each group is allowed up to two intercessions – an intercession is where a group member interacts with the robot, e.g. to correct the robot’s course. However, each intercession will be marked down.– After two intercessions, if another intercession is required a “Circuit” is deemed finished.– If a group explicitly acknowledges– If there is an unexpected interference from outside the class, e.g fire drill, in the middel of the “Circuit”, the “Circuit” will be restarted at the most convenient time.– Marks will still be awarded even if the Robot does not finish the course.– Groups will be compared to one another in terms of Time, and complexity/flexibility of code.– The time limit for each “Circuit” is 7 minutes. Therefore, each “Circuit” will be deemed to be complete once 7 minutes is up.5) Each group will received a maximum of 7 marks. The mark will only be determined once the code is assessed.6) Each group needs to ensure their programming code for the Robot is submitted by the end of Class.7) Be aware that there needs to be separate submissions for task 2 of the Robot (out of 5 marks) and the obstacle course program for the Robot (out of 7 marks). These need to be two separate programs.8) Each group does not have to use up their maximum of 2 “Circuits”. If you are happy with your “Circuit” run you can choose not to go again.9) Each group can have a maximum of 30 minutes between “Circuits” for its pitcrew (group) to modify or fix their robot.10) Each group will be involved in setting up or resetting the Obstacle course when they are not participating.
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